Kantoor in Beweging en Werk Atleet

40% of the Dutch do not exercise enough in this day and age. Time for action, according to Boris from Kantoor in Beweging and Jeroen from Work Athlete. That is why both companies are joining forces to optimise vitality in the (home) workplace.

Good working posture and enough exercise

Boris: "At 'Kantoor in Beweging' we get more and more broader vitality issues from companies. Because in addition to an ergonomic and varied work posture, sufficient movement during the working day is very important for keeping your employees fit and vital. Werk Atleet creates vitality programs for companies that focus on: exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, mindset and happiness at work. A cooperation with Werk Atleet is therefore the perfect, and actually quite logical, addition to our services. Now we can better provide for the broader vitality issues of our customers. And what about coming up with a fun work-out or energizer for during the working day with, for example, the VLUV sitting ball or the deskbikes? That's Work Athlete all right!"

A 40-hour week is like top-class sport

Jeroen: "We see employees as athletes. A 40-hour week is just like top-class sport. In order to perform optimally at work, you have to take good care of yourself, just like a top athlete. Think about sufficient rest, good food, exercise and the right mindset. Since 2017, we've been helping companies achieve this with masterclasses, sports sessions and coaching sessions, among other things. Normally on location, now also a lot digitally. But, how unfortunate is it when you exercise and eat well and then work 8 hours a day in an unhealthy posture? Kantoor in Beweging can complement our master classes with their ergonomic knowledge and provide our clients with the right home office furniture at a great price. This way we enrich each other's services and offer more added value for the customer."

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the collaboration between Office in Motion and Work Athlete? Or do you want to get started yourself to increase the vitality in your (home) workplace? Please feel free to contact us via 073 737 0335 or info@kantoorinbeweging.com.

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